I was just thinking about how this wiki has improved, it has:

  • more pages, no stubs anymore!
  • a cool favicon
  • a suitable background
  • an interesting wordmark
  • a nice media-wiki navigation message on the recent changes page
  • an organized category thing at the top of the page (the thing that has the "popular pages" label and other labels. I don't know the name of it)
  • even a desirable main page!

Wouldn't you all agree to all of this? I am giving credit for all these wonderful improvemets to:

  • MontagnaMagica (the category thing at the top of the page)
  • JoePlay (the favicon and background)
  • Nobody Cares (that person uploaded the wordmark, and I put it there)
  • TheBen10Mazter (that person reminded me what pages are stubs so that I could "flesh them out")
  • Quick Fire (I can't remember what they did, but they probably deserve some of the credit)
  • Arceus The God of Pokemon (That person helped much. I don't need to tell what they did.)
  • Titanollante (That person put cool new pages onto this wiki.)
  • Me!! (as the founder of this wiki, I help as much as I can, and I improved the media-wiki navigation at the recent changes page)

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