• Komodo cobra

    Wikia retirement

    July 27, 2011 by Komodo cobra

    When this wiki gets 200 pages, I will put a spotlight request for it on the community central spotlight page. Then, I will stay here to see if it is on the spotlight. When it is, I am sad to say that I will be retiring from wikia. That means I won't be active here... ever again. I am just finished messing around here. Well, that's all I have to say,

    -Komodo cobra

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  • Komodo cobra

    We can't just have 200 pages or more to get the spotlight. This wiki needs to fit all the requirements for it, too. To see the requirements, click here and scroll down to "Best practices."

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  • Komodo cobra

    This wiki

    July 22, 2011 by Komodo cobra

    I was just thinking about how this wiki has improved, it has:

    • more pages, no stubs anymore!
    • a cool favicon
    • a suitable background
    • an interesting wordmark
    • a nice media-wiki navigation message on the recent changes page
    • an organized category thing at the top of the page (the thing that has the "popular pages" label and other labels. I don't know the name of it)
    • even a desirable main page!

    Wouldn't you all agree to all of this? I am giving credit for all these wonderful improvemets to:

    • MontagnaMagica (the category thing at the top of the page)
    • JoePlay (the favicon and background)
    • Nobody Cares (that person uploaded the wordmark, and I put it there)
    • TheBen10Mazter (that person reminded me what pages are stubs so that I could "flesh them out")
    • Quick Fire (I c…
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  • Komodo cobra


    July 14, 2011 by Komodo cobra

    This is a wiki about reptiles, so I am going to put the master of reptiles on this blog post. What is it, you may ask? Well, it is the only living member of its species, Komodo cobra! I look like a Komodo Dragon, but have the "hood" of a King Cobra. The lower half of my body (my hips, back legs, tail) is a long, King Cobra tail, so I only have front legs, not back, but can still move around quickly. From the tip of my snout to the tip of my tail, I am 50 meters long, and I can breathe in air, water, and outer space. Since I have the head of a Komodo dragon, my bite is venomous.

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  • Komodo cobra

    Reptiles Wiki chat

    July 13, 2011 by Komodo cobra

    Is anyone except for me going to use the Reptiles Wiki chat?

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