Arceus The God of Pokemon

aka Rahul

Chat moderator
  • I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • I was born on April 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Arceus The God of Pokemon

    I am greatly saddened to announce that we have lost the Reptile Wiki War. I want to thank all the Users who got us 127 pages... The original Wiki has an astounding 661 pages which they have managed to do within 10 days. Amazing work, and hats down to them.

    The best Wiki won. I am resigning from my position of Head of the Department of Administrators as I was unable to make the Wiki win... Titanollante may take up my position. Good day.

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  • Arceus The God of Pokemon

    I've come up with an interesting plan to increase the number of Users on this Wiki. How about we create an official page for Reptilepedia on Facebook, Twitter and Orkut (or MySpace)? I'll do Facebook, Ben10Mazter can do Orkut or Myspace and Komodo can work on Twitter. We'll get 100s of editors in no time!

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  • Arceus The God of Pokemon

    As an administrator of the Wiki, I am speaking for Komodo Cobra, the Creator and Bureaucrat of the Wiki. I am talking about his Team of Administrators. My advice is that we have 2 Bureaucrats (Komodo and TheBen10Mazter) and 3 Admins (Me, quickfire, and Komodo) until we reach... say... 500 articles or so. Currently as admin, there is no work to be done within the Wiki (mainly because there are only 3 active Users, all of them who are Sysops and there is no vandal threat, no vandalism or rubbish article).

    So the big question is: Who will become the fourth administrator??

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