769px-Tapejara weln why is the name so long

Tupandactylus navigans.

Tupandactylus heads

The heads of three different kinds of Tupandactylus.

Tupandactylus imperator

Tupandactylus imperator.

The Tupandactylus is a flying reptile that existed in the Cretaceous period of the prehistoric era. They were named in 2003, and probably used their crests to signal each other. The name "Tupandactylus" means "Tupan finger," but were once known as "Tapejara." There are three kinds of Tupandactylus, which are Tapejara wellnhoferi, the one with the smallest crest, Tupandactylus navigans, the one with the sharp, medium crest, and Tupandactylus imperator, the one with the largest crest.