Galapagos dominance display
The Galápagos giant tortoise (usually known as the Galápagos tortoise) is the largest kind of tortoise existing in modern times that can grow up to be 1.87 meters long. They are the only lineage of giant tortoise that have different types of shell shape.

Diet Edit

Like other tortoises, Galápagos tortoises are herbivores. They eat cacti, grasses, leaves, lichens, and berries.

Mating Edit

Though mating can occur any time of the year, it sometimes has seasonal peaks between February and June. When mature males meet in the mating season, they will face each other in a dominance display, rise up on their legs, and stretch up their necks with their mouths gaping open. They sometimes bite each other's head, but the shorter one will eventually back down and give the victory of mating the female that they are fighting over to the other one.