745px-Brachylophus fasciatus (Fijian Iguana)
A Fiji banded iguana is a kind of diurnal iguana. They can grow to be 60 centimeters long, and can change their skin color to match its surroundings.

Food choices Edit

Figi banded iguanas eat leaves, fruit, and flowers from trees and shrubs. They eat fruit such as bananas and papayas.

Habitat Edit

  • southeastern Fijian islands

The islands of...

  • Wakaya
  • Moturiki
  • Beqa
  • Vatulele
  • Ono
  • Dravuni
  • Taveuni
  • Nggamea
  • Vanua
  • Balavu
  • Avea
  • Vatu Vara
  • Lakeba
  • Aiwa
  • Oneata
  • Vanua Levu
  • Totoya
  • Kabara
  • Fulaga

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