The Eastern Coral Snake is a venomous snake that is often confused with the Scarlet Kingsnake. They are usually less than 80 centimeters long, and females are longer than males.

Different names Edit

  • Eastern Coral Snake
  • American Cobra
  • Candy Stick
  • Common Coral Snake
  • Coral Adder
  • Elaps Harlequin Snake
  • Florida Coral Snake
  • Harlequin Coral Snake
  • North American Coral Snake
  • Red Bead Snake
  • Thunder-and-Lightning snake
  • Candy-stick Snake
  • Eastern Coralsnake
  • Florida Coralsnake
  • Harlequin Coralsnake
  • Serpiente-Coralillo Arleqín (Spanish name)

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